The Tampa Bay Theatre Festival – August 29th to August 31st 2014

The Tampa Bay Theatre Festival (TBTF), organized by the 501(c)(3) non-profit theatre company RL Stage Inc., will launch in Summer 2014. The mission is to unite artists and theatre lovers within and beyond the Tampa Bay Area for an amazing weekend of education and entertainment. Attendees will experience powerful, informative workshops led by trained professionals, in addition to scene, monologue, and short play competitions, and theatrical entertainment that will leave audiences with a memorable experience.

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Join us from August 29th to August 31st 2014

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  • Death Row

    Death Row

    A murderer, a child molester, a preacher, and a man abused as a child all land on Death Row. How can a man be a child molester and go home and sleep with his wife? How can a father physically abuse his children? A successful business man land behind bars for no reason at all?

    A Pastor forsake his vows? These questions run through these men minds, and the answers to them lead to actions that land all four men on DEATH ROW, but are they innocent or guilty? YOU BE THE JUDGE!

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  • Saul's Juke Joint

    Saul's Juke Joint

    In 1938 SAUL’s JUKE JOINT was the place to be. People of all shades came to Saul’s to drink, dance, socialize and “pitch woo” to every “sheba” and “sheik” that entered the joint. The deep, Mid-Florida south town had plenty to look forward to, but old Mayor Ebenezer had other plans. What starts off as innocent, good fun, turns into secrets, lies, betrayal, greed, and possible murder.

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  • Seasons


    Why do we love? Why do we accept the pain and struggles associated with love? Is it worth it? SEASONS challenges these questions and presents love as an unassuming and undeniable part of the human existence. In this unique musical, journey with Hope as her mom, Mrs. Jones, confronts a cancer diagnosis while Peter finds new love with Helen after an unexpected pregnancy.

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  • The Year of Independent Living

    The Year of Independent Living

    Over breakfast, Sal Hannigan's wife gives him an ultimatum: either his father moves out, or she does. Desperate to save his marriage, he asks his aging, difficult father to move into an assisted living facility. When Sal's wife ends up leaving him anyway, he and his father both have to learn to live independently for the first time in their lives. Don't miss this irreverent, hilarious and touching comedy about two Jersey boys and the women who love them!

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  • East Lansing

    East Lansing

    By now, Mary Elizabeth Ryan expected she’d be a grandmother who baked cookies for her grandchildren after school. Instead she lives alone and her grandkids think she’s a movie character they talk to on the computer. A revelation during a tense dinner date sets her life spinning in a completely new trajectory. East Lansing is a story of aging, sex, true love, heart-breaking loss, non-traditional families, college football, days-of-the-week panties and the remarkable resilience of older women​

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  • Image 01 Death Row
  • Image 02 Saul's Juke Joint
  • Image 03 Seasons
  • Image 04 The Year of Independent Living
  • Image 05 East Lansing

The Speakers & Panelists



    • 10:00 10:30
      Registration & Breakfast
      Stageworks Theatre
    • 11:00 12:00
      Gavin Hawk
    • 01:00 02:30
      The Business of Acting
      Georgia Mallory Guy
    • 03:00 05:00
      Audition workshop
      Libya Pugh
    • 07:30 09:00
      Death Row by Calhoun Cornwell
    • 09:30 11:00
      Networking Social
    • 08:00 08:45
      Registration & Breakfast
      Stageworks Theatre
    • 09:00 02:00
      Tasha Smith Acting Boot Camp
      Tasha Smith
    • 02:30 04:00
      Monologue/Scene Competition
      Stageworks Theatre
    • 05:00 06:30
      Short Play Competition
      Stageworks Theatre
    • 07:30 09:00
      Saul's Juke Joint by Tony Stinyard
    • 07:30 09:00
      The Year of Independent Living by Lil Barcaski
      Stageworks Theatre
    • 09:30 12:00
      Open Mic Event
      Stageworks Theatre
    • 11:00 12:30
      Stageworks Theatre
    • 12:30 2:30
      Short Play Competition
      Straz (Teco Theatre)
    • 03:00 04:30
      East Lansing By William Newkirk
      Stageworks Theatre
    • 03:00 04:30
      Seasons The Musical By Elaine Pechacek & Katie Hammond
    • 07:00 10:00
      Awards Party


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