The Tampa Bay Theatre Festival – September 2nd to September 4th 2016

The Tampa Bay Theatre Festival (TBTF), organized by the 501(c)(3) non-profit theatre company RL Stage Inc., will be back for its third year in September 2016. The mission is to unite artists and theatre lovers within and beyond the Tampa Bay Area for an amazing weekend of education and entertainment. Attendees will experience powerful, informative workshops led by trained professionals, in addition to scene, monologue, and short play competitions, and theatrical entertainment that will leave audiences with a memorable experience.


Join us from September 2nd to September 4th 2016

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Tickets will be available in the near future.

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Submitting your play is easy. Once submitted, you will be able to track your status in real time.

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Finalizing the workshops for 2016. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the most up to date announcements.

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2015 Featured Full Length Plays

  • Dinner for Six

    Dinner for Six

    As the result of too much wine at a dinner party, a group of friends decide to produce a play that two of them saw while on a trip to New York with their high school drama club twenty years earlier. The play had a profound impact on them and in their memories was "the greatest play ever". Once they are knee-deep in the commitment to do the play, they realize that their perceptions as teens may have been a bit off. To add even more twists, the young man they hire to fill the lead role will change all of their lives forever.Dinner for Six will take you on a journey of friendships, family, love and self-discovery. Don't miss this hilarious, twisted comedy that explores sexual identity and the parameters of relationships.

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  • Six Triple Eight

    Six Triple Eight

    Set during World War II as the first African-American female battalion arrives in Europe. This fictional historical play follows members of the 6888 Central Postal Battalion. Among them are Sammy, a young woman seeking adventure and romance; Cleopatra, a famous actress ; Paige, a single mother trying to create a better life for her son; and Sadie, a woman with the “second-single”, who can see the future of others but keeps secrets of her own. Under the direction of Major Clarissa Dixon, they are faced with a seemingly impossible task to distribute 7 million pieces of undelivered mail to the soldiers in three months.

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  • The Nearly Final Almost Posthumous Play of the Not-Quite-Dead Sutton McAllister

    The Nearly Final Almost Posthumous Play of the Not-Quite-Dead Sutton McAllister

    When world-renowned playwright Sutton McAllister suffers a major stroke and nearly dies, everyone springs into action to find the final script written in longhand by the old man just days before the almost end. Sutton’s plastic surgery-addicted niece stands to inherit everything, but she and his devoted agent may have ulterior motives for finding the play. What about the sexy young nurse who claims to have Sutton's best interest at heart? And what of the niece’s husband who’s following the nurse’s every move? Hilarity abounds in this drawing room style comedy that will leave you wondering who’s who, what’s what, and where is the nearly final almost posthumous play of the Not-Quite-Dead Sutton McAllister.

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  • Hour Confessions

    Hour Confessions

    Five men from different walks of life meet weekly to discuss the many issues of life and boy do they let loose. Join them as they take you on a nonstop, comical adventure that will have you laughing from beginning to end with their “no holds barred” approach as they tackle issues such as money, sex, dating, politics, and religion. No topic is off limits with these guys. What happens within this hour, stays within this hour. Well, it’s supposed to anyways.
    ****Opening night entertainment only, this play is not part of the competition****

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  • The Green Grass

    The Green Grass

    Shawn Wade, CEO and Founder to TQE Global, has made his mark within the corporate realm and is among the ranks of his city's most prestigious business men. His Fortune 500 company has brought him great success and he's gained much attention throughout the community, however, with such achievements comes tremendous glory and unbelievable scrutiny. Under insurmountable pressure you will do one of two things; travail forward, beating the odds or fold under the weight of adversity. Shawn has a beautiful family but has managed to fall into an interesting situation. He's caught the eye of an interested party and who will stop at nothing to get what they want. As the plot thickens, tensions will flare, jealousy emerges, and secrets will be revealed. Don't miss this riveting tale of heart-wrenching, mind-blowing, tangled web of distortion wrapped in the beauty of success. The grass is not always greener on the side.

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  • American Heartbeat

    American Heartbeat

    A powerful MUSICAL that asks - what is indestructible between people? Honor? Laughter? Heart? Love? Its 1992, JARVIS, a Viet Nam Marine Vet with PTSD, meets MARCO, an illegal immigrant, a hopeful spirit. Jarvis, once the work site boss, now competes with illegals for the same jobs. They fight, laugh, pray, sing! Wives come in dreams. Boom! They dance and love them up! Is it magic or truth? A strange WOMAN shields a crime. Was it committed? Can these men save each other’s lives? You’ll think, laugh, cry, and revel in beautiful rockin’ music and SEE inside the lives of invisible HEROS!!!

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  • Image 01 Six Triple Eight
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  • Image 04 The Green Grass
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