Guidelines and Release of Liability


·         All Material must be original. Your show can be published or non-published work.

·         ** Your full length show should not exceed 2 hours including your intermission if you choose to have one. You will have a total of 1 hour to mount your set and to do a tech run. We highly advise that you have a minimal set. Remember, this is a showcase of full length plays so you may not have time to put up an entire set.

·         If your play is selected, there is a fee for the usage of the theater where your play will be presented. The fee for the black box/studio theater that seats up to 80 people is $100.00. The fee for a main stage theater which sits between 250 to 300 people is $300.00.

·         All monies made on your show is 100% yours after all technical fees; the TBTF does not retain any percentage of your earnings.

·         You must provide your own payment processing service. Eventbrite is the ONLY service that the TBTF allows, you will receive detailed instructions if your play is selected.

·         The festival DOES NOT produce your show. All entries must be self produced. The TBTF does not provide casting of any sort for your production.

·         You are allowed to have union actors in your play (SAG-AFTRA) but it is up to you follow and abide by union rules when it comes to casting a union actor.

·         There will be an opening night show at the Straz presented by the Tampa Bay Theatre Festival. This show is simply for entertainment and WILL NOT compete with other full-length plays.

·         Your sound and lighting will be managed by the staff at the venue so you are not allowed to handle their equipment. You can staff one of your team members to sit with the technicians to give them instructions on your cues and lighting.

·         If your show is in a black box/studio theater, you will have a total of 3 hours and 15 minutes allotted for your entire show. This includes one hour to set up which includes minor lighting and tech/sound run. You will have 1 hour and 45 minutes for your show (including 15 minutes for intermission) and 30 minutes to strike your set once your show is done.

·         You must provide your own team of stage hands, stage manager, and crew.

·         This is a festival and a showcasing of your play. To meet the guidelines provided, we highly advise that you keep your set and lighting to a minimum.

·         The Full-Length Play competition winner will be announced at the Awards Party.

·         If your play is selected, you will receive a detailed welcome kit that will cover any additional questions that you may have and an email and telephone number to reach the TBTF.



·         All Material must be original. Your show can be published or non-published work.

·         The length of short plays cannot exceed 10 minutes and a maximum of 8 cast members.

·         If your play exceeds the 10 minute time frame, it will effect your final score.

·         Short plays are to have a minimum set such as: table, chairs, desk, stoops, stools etc. Once your play is over, you must immediately remove your props as the next show will be waiting to set up. You will have 3 minutes to remove your props and minimal set.

·         The TBTF does not cast or direct your play. Please do not submit your work if you think getting a cast or director will be a challenge for you.

·         Any works previously submitted and performed will not be accepted.

·         You must be at the theatre on time. If the run through starts and your entire cast is not there your show will be disqualified.

·         The Short-Play competition winner will be announced at the Awards Party.

·         There will be two sessions during the short-play competition. The short-play writer and director will each receive 1 free ticket to attend the session that they are competing in. The cast must remain backstage during their session. Cast members do not pay to compete. Tickets must be purchased to attend the additional short-play session. 



·         Monologues may be an original piece, or from a play or movie.

·         Monologues are not to exceed 2 minutes.

·         The Monologue competition winner will be announced at the Awards Party.

If your monologue exceeds 2 minutes, you will be penalized and the judges may stop your performance.



·         Submission Fees: Monologues – Free; Short Plays – Free; Full-Length Plays – Free

·         Monologues will be submitted by video on the website submission page.

·         Full-Length & Short Play scripts will be submitted on the website submission page.

Additional Submission Option for Full-Length Plays ONLY:

If you have a recording of your play, you can mail the DVD as an option to:

RL Stage

PO Box 4145 Tampa FL 33677

Send a money order payable to RL Stage Inc.