Who receives the proceeds from the play?

If your full length original play is selected, you will receive 100% of your ticket sales minus fees.

Do you produce submitted plays?

No. Your show will be produced by you. If you want to have someone direct or produce your play that is up to you. However, that is not a service that we provide.

When is the submission deadline?

Submissions are accepted from February 1st until May 5th

What kind of show can I submit?

All kinds: Comedy, drama, mystery, inspirational, musicals, contemporary, or classic.

Does the TBTF promote my show?

Yes, we will promote all shows that are selected BUT it is up to you to do the groundwork to promote your show also. If your play is selected, you will receive a packet of media outlets in the Tampa Bay area. Some are free and some are not, but it is up to you to get a buzz going for your show. In other words, don’t show up and think people are just going to “fall” into your show because of the festival or the venue that your show is in. YOU have to do the work also.

When is the money due if my play is selected?

If your original full length show is selected, you have 30 days to submit your FULL payment to secure your spot or your spot will be eliminated and another show will be selected. Payments can be made by PayPal, Cashier’s Check, or Money Order.

Is there somewhere to put my set until my show goes up?

Yes, if your show is being performed at the Straz Center for the Performing Arts or HCC Main Stage, you can store your set there. We will inform you of when and where to put it.

Can I sell my products such as DVD’s at the show?

Yes, but you are accountable for your own point of sales. The TBTF is not responsible for the selling or bookkeeping of your products.

If my play was selected, why do I have to pay a performance fee?

Venue, techs, house managers, lighting, clean up are needed so your fees go toward that cost.

I am a playwright. Can I submit my short play and get help with casting actors, a director, and producer?

If you submit a short play it is up to you to cast actors, directors, and a producer. There are local actors and theatre groups that you can try and pull actors from but that is your responsibility.