About Us

  • Mission Statement

    The Tampa Bay Theatre Festival (TBTF), organized by the 501(c)(3) non-profit theatre company RL Stage Inc., will launch in Summer 2014. The mission is to unite artists and theatre lovers within and beyond the Tampa Bay Area for an amazing weekend of education and entertainment. Attendees will experience powerful, informative workshops led by trained professionals, in addition to scene, monologue, and short play competitions, and theatrical entertainment that will leave audiences with a memorable experience.

    RL Stage from rlstageinc on Vimeo.

  • The Visionary

    I wanted to bring an exciting, multicultural, and innovative theatre festival to Tampa Bay. I’ve always thought, “Let’s do something different, let’s bend the rules a little. Let’s not reinvent the wheels, but instead, let’s put some nice rims on them!” The goal is to have fun and learn all while celebrating theatre! We will be presenting quality stage plays, workshops, competitions, and professional speakers at each event in our efforts to offer something great to the Tampa Bay area. So get ready because we are about to set the city on fire! (Well, not literally…that would probably get us jail time…I think.)
    -Rory Lawrence

  • The Boss

    You know how you have great, big ideas and you are all hyped up about doing a project? Well, Kahlila is the person who tells you, “Ahhh, relax and let’s make sure that we can do this…practically”. In other words, she is the brains of the operation.
    -Kahlila Lawrence

  • Festival Manager

    You know how no one was able to reach the Wizard of Oz when they wanted him"? Well, that's pretty much how it will be trying to find Rory the weekend of the festival so Kimberly will be the main contact to answer ALL questions for all shows and events. tampabaytheatrefestival@gmail.com 813-786-1915
    -Kimberly Blackmon

  • Webmasters / Geeks

    Yeap, we all need them…Web & Tech guys, Guy and Nick, make sure that this site is up to par and running on all cylinders. So, if your payment isn’t going through or if there is an issue with the site, blame the man, I mean blame them.
    -Guy D. & Nick Naylor

  • Volunteer Committee / The Regulators

    Remember back in the day when you had that angry lunch lady that never smiled and just wanted you to keep the line moving? Well, that’s exactly how this crew is, except I do ask them to smile. This team makes sure that all goes well at all events and venues.
    -Davina Reid, Ronald Wilford, Jay Washington, & Lee Lee Lapointe

  • Party Committee / Full Monty Crew

    Does this department really need an explanation? Well, they make sure that when it’s time to celebrate… IT IS TRULY A CELEBRATION! The word festival literally means “to come together for a celebration”…and that’s what we plan to do at the awards gala.
    -Denise Deneen

  • Marketing Committee / Paper Pushers

    This crew makes sure that the world knows that we are here. So if you feel like you are being stalked with press releases, phone calls, and emails, these are the culprits!
    -Rod Grant, Andrea Sistrunk, Fatimah Abdur-Rahim, Fran Meadows & Octavia Smith